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"Become the person God created you to be so that you can live the life you were meant to live."
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According to a recent Gallop poll, more than 70 percent of American workers either hate or dislike their jobs, and many don’t know exactly what it is that God created them to be or do in this life. 

Unfortunately for them, these folks are living squarely outside of the purpose for which God created them, simply because they do not know what it is that God has created them for.

This situation is both tragic and easily avoidable. 

Finally, it is possible to get your life on track... TODAY! 

In the Secret to Knowing God’s Will for Your Life, Knolly Williams articulates the Biblical approach to knowing exactly what God’s will for your life is, so that you can begin becoming the person that God created you to be and living the life you were meant to live.

If you have struggled with knowing your God-given purpose in life, this book will provide you with the answers and the direction you’ve been praying for.
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In this dynamic book you will learn:
  • The systematic approach to knowing God's Will for Your Life
  • How to list stay in the center of God's Will, so that your life can have the meaning and purpose it was meant to have
  • How to find the peace and purpose that you have been longing for
  • How to become all that God created you to be so that you can live the life you were meant to live
Every Christian Should Read This Book!
"Knolly, I just finished your book; "The Secret To Knowing God's Will for your Life". Thank you so much for providing this much needed direction and guidance... Every Christian should read this book! Blessings to you and your family."  John Chiappolini
"Thank you Knolly for being obedient to our Lord. My Sunday School class is finishing up John Bevere's book Driven by Eternity and WOW was that awesome. Them BAM your book lands in my lap!! God's perfect timing!! You are repeating exactly what we just studied. This is NOT being taught inner churches and there will be a lot (the majority) of Christians going before eternal judgement and not getting the pass code to Heaven. There will be some wailing and gnashing of teeth for sure. I just started your book and cannot wait to finish it and then start it again!! Thank you brother!! May the light of Jesus always shine on you and your family!! I partner with you right now to help wake up the Church and God's people to know God's will for their get that pass code!!" Will Gilliam
"Amazing book! Thank you for sharing. I just finished reading your book and was able to minister to a friend here on Kauai with your book and asked her to read it also. I love the easy style. This book is written is such a way that it can be read in one setting. Scriptures just leap off the page and enriched my life greatly." Don Kolenda
"Hi Knolly, Your book is awesome! And a huge confirmation of what I've been knowing for several months.This is such a great tool to get Christians to know and understand their purpose. My prayer is this will reach thousands of others & would make a great tool for a Bible study group. 

This is exactly what I am doing after years of not knowing God's will but seeking with all my heart. The problem has been I kinda knew but didn't feel worthy saying Lord why would you take notice of me? So I was willing but not obedient. Now, Praise God I am willing and obedient. He only requires us to take one step at a time as He leads us. 

This is a huge step of faith for me but I've never been more excited. Even tho' I'm retirement age I believe God has said to me that he will use all my previous experience to help others. I have been telling my daughter, please get alone with God and find out what you are really supposed to be doing, I am giving her your book. Thanks!" Sue Corona
"I read the entire book tonight. So much I want to say to you but processing it all. Thank you. The funny thing is that I'm probably doing too many things n I will make some mistakes but part of what u r saying God has given me glimpses. I'm on my way. He has definitely not given a clue except to trust n him every day. Thanks for sharing his wisdom in a way we can all relate. God Bless us all with his vision! Your book is very powerful. It brought a lot of good cleansing tears, good for the soul. Glory to God. Praise the Lord!" Janis Davis
"Knolly God Bless you, you are a true Disciple of God and a blessing to so many. What an inspiration you are to me and to others--you live the life that you were intended to lead--so hard to do for most of us. Love you sweet friend and thank you again. God will continue to bless you and Josie for your generosity." Mary Ann Nations
"Knolly, I don't know you but have come to respect you from bumping into your videos every once in a while. This book comes to me exactly when needed. I have not been to church in decades, but have found myself lost the last few years. For some reason, it came to me a while back that I need to get back into a relationship with God and bring my 16 year old son along with me. I'm taking this book as my chance to get started on that path. Thank you." Cindy Allen
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