Knolly Williams is available for a Success Seminar, 
Keynote Speech or Mastermind
We are Honored that your event is considering hiring on Knolly Williams as a Speaker!
How do we book Knolly to speak at our event?
CLICK HERE to schedule a time to speak with Patillynn (Knolly's Business Partner) so that we can begin discussing a date and more information about your event!
What is Knolly's Speaker Fee?
Knolly charges a speaker fee of $5,000 for a one hour (up to 2 hour) speaking time block.
What are Knolly's Additional Requirements?
Two roundtrip airline tickets, rental car and two nights hotel. The 2 airline tickets cover Knolly and his business partner (and wife) Josie Williams who runs the book signing and promotional table (during and after the event).

One of Knolly's primary aims when accepting speaking engagements is to build his audience and continue to connect and stay in touch with those he touches. We request an electronic copy of the Event Attendees (names and email addresses).

Table at the back of the room (and/or in the vendor hall) where Knolly can interface with attendees.

Copies of any video recordings of Knolly's talk so that we can share with Knolly's select coaching students.
So... What are the NEXT STEPS for booking Knolly's Seminar?
Simply Schedule a CALL here or CALL our main office at 321-750-4196 
Does Knolly offer resources at his seminars?
We know that the mentioning of resources at an event can be very tricky and awkward if not handled correctly. Some speakers have even used their entire presentation as a ‘commercial’ for their products. This approach leads to a bad reputation and discourages event promoters from inviting the speaker back. Knolly does not take that approach. Knolly only asks for approx 5 minutes to share with the attendees one or two powerful resources that will help them along in their journey. Knolly does not use any distasteful high pressure selling tactics and we do NOT sell the products. We simply provide an informational flyer folks to order if they are interested. Knolly will also have his books available for sale at a nominal price.
Knolly provides the following additional services as part of each speaking engagement, at no extra charge:
  •  Complete questionnaire and discussion with client to agree upon contents of talk/seminar and material to be covered
  •  Custom designed seminar/talk/workshop based on the client’s requirements
  • Knolly available for photos; autographs and personal videos for client*
  • * Dependent on Knolly's travel schedule
Knolly's Speaking Topics
Target Audience: Sales Professionals
Do you want to earn more money while having more free time to spend with those you love? Are you ready to finally ACHIEVE at your highest possible potential? Using the same techniques taught in this sales training, Knolly currently operates multiple six figure sales businesses which only require a few hours of time each week. YOU CAN TOO! 
  • ​Learn how to Double, Triple or Quadruple YOUR Production and Earnings by Practicing a Series of EASY yet Proven Daily Lead Generation Techniques
  • ​Become One of the TOP Sales Professional in Your Organization, without the Hustle or Grind
  • ​How to Overcome Objections and How to Overcome the FEAR of Prospecting
  • ​Learn a Life Changing Easy-to-Implement Lead Generation System that ANYONE Can Adopt OVERNIGHT to Achieve Success for a LIFETIME
Target Audience: Corporate Executives, Leaders, Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Have you ever wondered how some of the TOP public speakers seem to have an almost magical ability to captivate and move an audience to action? YOU TOO have that skill locked within you. This seminar will help you UNLOCK your INNER SPEAKER so that you can project your message and get people to TAKE ACTION, like the best in the business.
  • ​UNLOCK Your INNER PUBLIC SPEAKER So That You Can Amplify Your Message and Move Masses to ACTION
  • ELIMINATE all Fear Around Speaking to Audiences of ANY Size
  • ​Learn to Project Your Message POWERFULLY with Clarity and Results
Target Audience: Real Estate Agents
Knolly Williams took more than 1,000 listings during his first 10 years in real estate. In this training, Knolly teaches the Mega Agent Listing Secrets that will help you achieve the highest levels of success in your real estate practice and generate far greater production than you ever imagined possible. Knolly shows you how to sell more homes faster and easier than ever before and he provides you with a series of practical, proven techniques that you can use to get more appointments and generate more listings immediately.
  • ​Learn How to Generate MORE FREE LISTING LEADS faster and easier with NO MONEY out of pocket
  • ​Learn A Simple Process to Master the 3 Lead Buckets of EVERY Successful Top Listing Agent
  • ​GET Knolly's PROVEN 46 Step LISTING System
  • ​Learn How to Get Back 90% Of Your Time
Target Audience: Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs
In this presentation Knolly will share with you the 8 Keys to 7 Figures which have allowed him to launch multiple 6-7 figure businesses over the past 30 years. In this Seminar Knolly teaches business leaders, entrepreneurs and real estate agents how to truly take their business and income to NEXT LEVEL and beyond. 
  • ​LEARN the 8 KEY PILLARS TO SUCCESS in Any Business
  • ​LEARN About the 4 Bodies and How to Use Each Body You Have for Your Ultimate Success
  • ​Learn How to Escape the "Hustle and Grind" and Make Your Life FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS
Target Audience: Individuals Desiring to Reach Their Highest Potential
What could you do with the life you've been given that would make you look forward to showing the results to your Creator? According to a recent Gallop Poll, more than 70% of American workers either hate or dislike their job and entrepreneurs and business owners aren't far. It's time for YOU to Take Charge of YOUR Destiny.
  • ​UNLOCK Your INNER GENIUS So That LIFE and Business Can Become Easy and Effortless
  • ​Monetize YOUR Passion and LIVE YOUR Dream Life NOW
  • ​Learn How to Quickly Begin Fulfilling the Purpose and Destiny for Which You Came Into this Realm
Knolly is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:
Media BIO
Knolly’s purpose is to inspire YOU to become ALL that God created you to be, so that you can live the life you were meant to live.

Knolly Williams has charmed, enchanted and educated tens of thousands, in audiences across over 100 cities in North America. Through his unique speaking style which combines wit, humor and entrepreneurial genius, Knolly helps his business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, trainers and everyday people to live the life they are destined for and to GO for their dreams. 

Knolly became a self made millionaire by the age of 29 and he retired at the age of 45.

Knolly began his life of entrepreneurship at the age of 13. When he turned 22 years old, Knolly started his first full time business (a record label) with just $1,800 that he was gifted from friends and family. Within 5 years his business was earning $150,000 per month, with 14 employees and 18 artists and became the #1 Record Label in the World in it’s genre, distributed by the largest music distributor in North America: EMI/Capital. 

Knolly made his first $2 Million the year he turned 29 and has made (and lost) millions since.

Knolly jumped into the real estate game in 2003, and sold more than 1000 homes during his first 10 years in the business (while the average agent in his area sold 6-8 homes per year). Over the past 25+ years, "Uncle Knolly" has launched six different businesses in different industries which have all gone on to do 6-7 figures annually. 

Since the age of 22, Knolly Williams has been working from home, working for himself, and turning what he loves to do into a fortune. While he still owns several thriving businesses, Knolly opted to retire at the age of 45, and he now spends his time helping others achieve their dreams. 

If you want to earn $250,000 or more a year, take nights and weekends off, work 30 hours a week or less, take 4-5 vacations a year, spend more time with your family and be debt free, then the training Knolly Williams provides is for you. 

Through his positive and inspirational presentations, “Uncle Knolly” shows you how to achieve your dreams faster and easier than ever before and he provides you with a series of practical, proven techniques that you can use to get more leads, generate more sales, and grow your business immediately.

Using a combination of Quantum Physics, Good Old Fashioned HARD WORK and 31 years of studying the art of SUCCESS, Knolly shows you HOW you can achieve everything that you were sent into this realm to DO, HAVE and BE.

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