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Why You are NOT Getting the Things You Want in Life, and HOW to CHANGE IT!
with Michael Bernoff
To succeed in life, you must shift your mindset to the way your brain actually worksOnce you shift your mindset you will BECOME the person who can achieve what you want.
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About Michael Bernoff
As founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in the personal and professional development industry, Michael has impacted hundreds of thousands of people across the world with his programs, book, audios, videos and seminars. Michael has an unmatched natural-born talent to understand the psychology of individuals, which he will pass on to you
This innate and highly-tuned awareness allows him to quickly perceive what makes people make the decisions they make and what makes them do what they do. Rather than breaking down walls, Michael is skilled at getting people to rapidly lower resistance in themselves and others, allowing room for progress.

Michael is the developer of Human Interaction Technology™(HIT), a powerful technology that allows people to understand unknown psychological triggers and powerful communication strategies so they can increase their charisma and influence, leaving their average life behind. 

The author of “Average Sucks” Why You Don’t Get What You Want and What to Do About It”, Michael shows you how to raise your average and create the life you want... resulting in greater financial wealth, physical health and lasting confidence in all aspects of life.
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